Below you will find a listing of all the workshops that were offered.


The workshop notes are posted below. Large group session notes are found at the bottom of the list of workshops.

ENERGIA 2020 Children's Ministry Training Conference

Workshop Notes

1. Music in kid’s ministry - Aaron Horvat


2. Discipleship: Passionate proclamation - Sharon MaCammon

3. Where's my lesson? - Kay Farmer

4. Reaching foster children in our communities - Bryan & Misty Elliot

5. Teaching strategies and learning styles - Isabel López

6. Evangelism: Avoiding toxic waste of time - Sharon MaCammon

7. What’s available to you? - Kay Farmer

8. Memory verse crafts - Karen Linderman

9. Pastoral care of children - Isabel López

10. Creative teaching - Mike Hook

11. Build a theme - Markus Wolf

12. PowerPoint in children’s ministry - Annabelle Whitcomb

13. Using mime - Jarosław Seich

14. Family ministry - Tammie & Earl Shorrocks

15. Teaching toddlers - Mike Hook

16. Ministering as a family: 10 things I am still learning - Markus Wolf

17. Forming your leadership team - Steve Entsminger

Special gift from Yancy...

Yancy has provided a special gift for Energia 2020 attendees. She has provided a Dropbox link to download 10 of her kids worship videos. Click on the link and download the videos for your kid min worship.

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ENERGIA 2020 Children's Ministry Training Conference

Session Notes

Group Session: Currents of the XXI century Isabel López

Group Session: Practices that counter the effects of the 21st century - Isabel López

Group Session: Kidz Klub

Group Session: Prayer for Europe's Children

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